EJX530A-JDS7N-012EL/D3/X2EJX530A Gauge pressure transmitter[-J] Output signal 4 to 20 mA DC with digitalcommunication (HART 5/HART 7 protocol)[D] Measurement span (capsule) 10 to 500 bar[S] Wetted parts material «Process connector: 316L SSTDiaphragm: Hastelloy C-276Others: 316L SST»[7] Process connections 1/2 NPT male[N] … Always «N»[-0] … Always «-0″[1] Amplifier housing Cast aluminum alloy[2] Electrical connection 1/2 NPT female, two electricalconnections without blind plugs[E] Integral indicator Digital indicator with the rangesetting switch[L] Mounting bracket 316 SST 2-inch pipe mounting[/D3] Calibration units: bar calibration (bar unit)[/X2] Anti-corrosion coating

Transmisor Presión Manométrica -1-500 Bar (Aj. 0 a 500 Bar), 1/2" NPT-M, 4-20mA Hart, S

Descripción Básica

Tx. Presion Manometrica -1-500 Bar (Aj. 0 a 500 Bar), 1/2″ NPT-M, 4-20mA Hart, S